Product manufacturing steps

  1. Customer’s product assessment
  2. Designing
  3. Choosing the printing technique
  4. Ordering
  5. Print and laminate
  6. Cutting and discharge
  7. Final packaging step

The production steps and details are the distinguishing factors which make any product specific. Here in ChicPax we do our best to deliver the costumers’ orders in minimum time with the best quality. This is of course a mutual collaboration and we are eagerly here by your side.

In the following, we describe our manufacturing steps in details.

Customer’s product assessment

Your order has some features which are important to us. These features are:

Product Feature Packaging Feature
Product volume Package size
Light and humid sensitivity Choosing the material and layers
Acidity and … Choosing the best layers and laminate method
Merchandise needs Choosing package form
Design number of each cylinder set Settling the design of each cylinder set according to package form
Product value Package thickness and layers
Market trend and main competitors Type of packaging and accessories
Assessment of any creation for the packaging Using special materials or formats

We provide a free consult of the above mentioned process for you and this service is available in all of our branches.


After the process of analyzing, choosing the appropriate package size and the suitable material, it is time for designing the package.

In this stage, if the costumer has provided the package design in advance, our job is only to make the arrangement and preparing the design for the pre-printing step. But, if the costumer has not provided any design, our design unit proceeds to choosing the designer and the design of packages according to the costumer’s opinion. Then, we arrange and provide the design for pre-printing step.

Choosing the printing technique

After determining the design and based on the analysis in the first step, the printing technique is chosen.

At the moment, the available printing techniques are listed below along with their features:

Technique Features
rotogravure  -highest quality

-needs cylinder for separated colors

-20 days to prepare the cylinder set

-cost of cylinder set depends on the number of colors

-cylinder durability is high and in case of long-term order can be used for years

-cylinder is made of two parts: body and shell. Body is made of iron and shell is made of copper which will be chromatized after carving the surface

-the cylinder could be modified but it takes time and cost.

Flexo -has moderate quality

-needs cliché

-higher quality by making HD and super HD clichés

-can be prepared at lower cost and time comparing to cylinder

-clichés are not reusable after several printing

Silk printing -ornamented or silk printing

-mostly used on paper packages

-good for experimenting or limited printing

-needs cliché, but the cost of cliché is low

-the cost is calculated based on ضرب چاپ


The ordering step is the step in which the negotiation and the economic aspect of the project is done. In this stage, the proforma is issued and referred to the financial unit and after the financial affairs, the process of providing the cylinder and the initial materials is started.

Print and laminate

Based on costumer agreement, this stage could be done under their supervision. The printing step in rotogravure or flexo is done on polyester or OPP layers (printing on CPP layer is done for single-layer rolls).

As these techniques are printed on the back of the package, after the ink has been dried, the printed layers are entered into the laminator and after that they are laminated with the desired layer i.e. polyethylene, metalized OPP, CPP, aluminum, paper, polyamide, and … .

It is important to mention that all internal layers of our packages are food grade polyethylene.

Cutting and discharge

After laminating and putting the rolls in oven, with the approval of QC unit, the rolls are transferred to the cutting unit in order to be sliced into the desired size and be loaded on standard bobbin size as were ordered.

Final packaging step

In the final step, according to the costumer’s order form, the formats (in necessary) are adjusted and then the process of making the packages with fully automated machinery starts.

Our best work is done in this step which we do our best to prepare and make your packages as order with minimum error.

Installing different types of punches such as handles, Mexican hat hangout, rounding the packages and … are done in this step. Furthermore, accessories such as one way gas valve for coffee bags, installing plastic handle and die cut are things that we provide in the final step.