Stretch and Shrink Film

Stretch films are elastic and highly stretchable films which are wrapped around items. Stretch films can come in a variety of specialty films. Power Wrap and Super Power Wrap are 2 examples. To name some of the advantages of stretch films, we can declare that they are highly economic, safe, and practical for factories and producers specially to hold the boxes stronger together for transportation.

On the other hand, Shrink Films, as you can figure by its name, are not stretchable. After the production of goods has been finished, shrink film also known as shrink wrap, is wrapped around them and the heat is applied so it forms tightly around the item put within. As these films are thick, it provides a safe and sound cover around the items which will protect them from falling apart, contamination, probable breakage and other unexpected events. All shrink films have printing capability and they can be manufactured in your desirable color.