Printed CPP, bottle and tube label

Due to increasing demand in cellulose products such as tissue and high cost of cardboard, the packaging industry has shifted its focus to an alternative option, say, printed CPP. They are provided at an affordable price and are much more beneficial over the cardboards.

Labels, as it is clear from its name, are sticky on one side which makes it easily applicable on metal, glass or plastic bottles and tubes. It has an excellent moisture and odor barrier properties and are protective against foreign objects. These CPP rolls can be provided with width at least 30 mm on a 3 or 6 inch.

ABL tubes are manufactured in 2 different types:

  • Toothpaste special tube foil
  • Chemical products special tube foil


B-Multi-layer bags

We produce these products in 5 different types:

  • 3-side seal pouches and bags
  • stand up zipper pouches and bags
  • side gusset pouches and bags
  • flat bottom pouches and bags
  • middle seal pouches and bags